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Babyfood, vegetables, carrots, strained 1 cup600.2131.8
1 jar300.160.9
1 jar Beech-Nut Baby's First (2.5 oz)190.140.6
1 jar Beech-Nut Stage I (4 oz)300.160.9
1 jar Earth's Best (4.5 oz)340.171
1 jar Gerber First Foods (2.5 oz)190.140.6
1 jar Gerber Second Food (4 oz)300.160.9
1 jar Heinz Beginner-1 (2.5 oz)190.140.6
1 jar Heinz Strained-2 (4 oz)300.160.9
1 oz7.701.70.2
1 tbsp3000.1
Babyfood, vegetables, carrots, junior 1 cup710.416.11.8
1 jar540.312.21.4
1 jar Beech-Nut Stage 3 (6 oz)540.312.21.4
1 jar Gerber Third Foods (6 oz)540.312.21.4
1 jar Heinz Junior-3 (6 oz)540.312.21.4
1 oz9.10.120.2
1 tbsp4010.1
Babyfood, carrots and beef, strained 1 jar Gerber Second Food (4 oz)662.86.43.8
1 jar NFS662.86.43.8
1 tbsp80.40.90.5
CAMPBELL Soup Company, CAMPBELL's CHUNKY Soups, Pork Roast with Carrots & Potatoes Soup 1 cup1223168
1 serving1223168
Carrots, raw 1 cup chopped520.312.31.2
1 cup grated450.310.51
1 cup strips or slices500.311.71.1
1 large (7-1/4" to 8-/1/2" long)
1 medium250.15.80.6
1 slice100.30
1 small (5-1/2" long)

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