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A Week in the Zone

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Author: Barry Sears, Barry Sears
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"The One Eating Program That Really, Really Works."

Rating: 5 stars
If you have a weight problem, bad eating habits, or feel like the food you eat gives you more problems than it's supposed to, then this is the book for you. I had problems with my weight, very poor acne-prone skin and very low energy levels since I was fourteen. I tried every program and diet I could find, and the most weight I ever lost, without downright starving myself, was about 10 pounds over a period of four to six months. I was always depressed and anxious over dieting, and most diets worked horrors for my immunological system, energy, skin, hair and nails. By following the Zone as explained in this book, although making my own Zone recipes, I have lost eight pounds in two weeks and feel better than ever. I haven't gotten sick, my energy levels are soaring, and I'm eating the foods I like without ever being hungry. The condition of my skin, hair and nails is at an all-time best.
The Zone is a very easy to follow eating plan, (I was used to it by the third day) based on combining different foods in the proportions that add up the amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fat you should consume at each meal. By making use of meal timing it insures proper delivery of the nutrients to your body, and by including a couple of Zone balanced snacks between meals, it minimizes carbohydrate cravings and hunger.
The book is very easy to understand. It thoroughly explains, backed by scientific research, the ways different foods and nutrients impact your body and the reasons why some foods are good for us while some are bad. The eating program it promotes is very easy to follow and it works even if you follow it only 75% of the time. Its results are almost instantaneous, and you start to notice them as soon as the second day. If you want even faster results, you should also include a 30-minute daily workout in your schedule.
Buy this book, get started on the program, and customize it to fit your needs, soon you'll start enjoying a healthier life in a healthier body. Weight loss will be an added benefit and you will thank yourself later.
I also recommend buying the Zone Food Blocks book as a tool, it contains around 12,000 foods converted into Zone balanced proportions, including prepared meals and items from known Fast Food Restaurant menus. As another tool I recommend visiting Dr. Sears' Website at
Buy this book and discover the amazing benefits that a well-balanced eating program can give you.

"Lost 11 pounds in a month on the Zone without starving!"

Rating: 5 stars
In brief: the Zone diet works. Please note:

1) This is *not* a crash diet.

2) This is *not* a starvation diet.

3) You get to eat *normal* food. On the down side, you *do* have to give up certain dishes (pasta, rice, and breads, for example)... but on the other hand you get to eat plenty of chicken, beef, turkey, cheese, eggs, bacon, tuna, salmon, cod, as well as plenty of vegetables and fruits. (And for you veggies out there, you can do the Zone diet, too. Just substitute soy protein for the meats and fishes, and take your vitamins, and you're in the club!)

4) The Zone diet is easy to follow. Sears' book is filled with sample recipes for meals, but really, you don't need to follow them. Just flip to the end of the book where he lists all the recommended Zone foods and combine them to make up your own recipes.

Here's how the diet works. There are three categories of foods that you need to eat at every meal: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats (all listed in the back of the book). If you're a man, pick 4 choices (called "blocks") from each category. If you're a woman, pick 3 choices (or "blocks") from each category. Then combine them anyway you choose.

Example: guys, for breakfast, three strips of turkey bacon equals 1 protein block. One egg also equals 1 protein block. So have two eggs for breakfast with three strips of turkey bacon and that's 3 blocks right there. Now add one ounce of low fat cheese (1 protein block) and you've met your protein requirement for that meal.

Now add an apple (2 carbo blocks) and an orange (2 carbo blocks) to your bacon and eggs breakfast and you've met your carbo requirement for that meal.

For fats, just add a 1 1/3 teaspoon of sesame oil to your eggs while you're cooking them, and now you've got 4 fat blocks.

And that's it. You're in the Zone!

You can prepare all your meals that way. Don't feel you have to follow Sears' recipes to the letter and end up scouring your supermarket for obscure items like cilantro, dried tarragon, and shallots (say what?). So long as you only eat what's in the food lists and don't eat the *bad* foods, you'll do fine.

5) Be sure to drink plenty of water. This is crucial for the diet to succeed. If you need a break from tap water (or Evian, for that matter), you can have decaf. Just don't add more than a teaspoon of sugar to your decaf, or better yet use a substitute. Sugars are the one of the *bad* carbo blocks that you need to keep to a minimum.

Also, though it doesn't say so in the book, you are allowed to *occasionally* have a diet drink like Coke or Pepsi so long as it's sugar *and* caffeine free. (I got this last part from Sears' web site, in case you're wondering.)

So while decaf and the occasional diet drink are OK, you should still make sure that most of your liquid intake comes from water. And lots of it.

5) Once you're on the diet, there *will* be a few times each day where you're feeling a little hungry. But a little hungry is one thing and famished is something else... and I've said, on the Zone diet, you don't walk around feeling like you're starving.

For me, the rumble-in-my-tummy feeling usually kicks in about an hour before each meal. If lunch is at 12:00 P.M., my stomach will start grumbling around 11:00 A.M. Late afternoon, my stomach will start grumbling again, but the Zone diet allows me one late afternoon snack each day, so that tides me over till dinnertime. Then, before bedtime, my stomach grumbles one last time, but since the diet also allows me one light bedtime snack (say, a small piece of fruit and a slice of cheese), that tides me over until the next morning.

But for the most part, I don't walk around feeling hungry. In fact, after my first few days on the diet I already lost my cravings for fatty foods like potato chips and pretzels. So since I don't miss what I can't eat, that's what keeps me "in the Zone".

Bottom line: the Zone diet is highly recommended to anyone interested in losing a few pounds without going stark-raving nuts. At the same time, it's balanced enough that you can remain on it painlessly even after you've reached your "ideal weight". How many other diets can claim that? I plan to stay on it until I've lost at least another ten pounds. After that, who knows?

"great introduction to the Zone"

Rating: 5 stars
this is a great introduction to this eating plan, and will probably be all most people will need to understand and implement the Zone. clearly written and easily read and understood.

the zone works! by the way. i have lost 40 lbs in 6 months and lost weight through the holidays and cheated a bit every once in a while. very worth doing.