cover of Dr. Atkins' Health Revolution : How Complementary Medicine can Extend Your Life

Dr. Atkins' Health Revolution : How Complementary Medicine can Extend Your Life

Author: Robert C. Atkins
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Reader Reviews

"Know the truth, and the truth will set you free"

Rating: 5 stars
I wasn't looking for a cure for my sleep disorder, monthly cramps, headaches and occasional UTIs when I picked up Dr. Atkins'Health Revolution three years back; I was just doing a little preliminary research on the Atkins Diet to see if this guy was some kind of quack, as his detractors often claimed. Lo and behold, a new world of health and physically based well-being opened to me as I began to understand just how my nutritional habits (and lack thereof) were undermining the quality of my life.

A common myth about Dr. Atkins that could stand some clearing up is that he advocates a strict homeopathic system of medical care and an unbalanced meat-only diet. These misconceptions can be corrected by reading the first few chapters. Atkins actually gives well-reasoned explanations of his philosophy of Complementary medicine, an approach that stresses prevention via good dietary habits, vitamin supplements and exercise, then homeopathic and vitamin remedies when there is a problem, and finally traditional medicine when all else fails (Yeah, he's a quack all right!). Without going into the details and logistics here, I was impressed with how logical and simple to apply this system is.

Where Atkins' detractors have hung up on most is the section on diet and how our last 150 years or so of history have affected it. From our pre-industrial food options though the Twentieth Century's sudden proliferation of processed flour and sugar, we can trace the steady rise of heart disease, obesity, tooth decay and Type 2 diabetes. Worse, the industries that stood to profit from the "deadly duo" (and other starchy carb-based foods that were taking the place of meats, eggs, butter and cheese as the bulk of our diets) greatly influenced the medical profession's research and findings. The resulting decline of our national health is a bitter legacy to take responsibility for, and that is just what too many of our processed food makers, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and health experts would have to do once they conceded that Atkins may indeed have been right. For that reason, such an admission may be decades in coming.

Whether or not you find yourself agreeing with that area of Atkins' theory, the book presents sound arguments and encourages a lifestyle that has improved untold lives over the past 30 years. There are changes you can make that will lower your blood pressure, bad cholesterol and triglycerides, eliminate systemic yeast infections, reverse diabetes and re-energize you - all without the use of drugs. In fact, you will probably end up being able to ditch the drugs you are on now.

I believe that someday Dr. Atkins vitamin and diet principles will be the standard recommendations from the health industry. It is hard to argue with the steadily growing segment of our population that simply gets lasting results by using them, and expands slowly via word of mouth. Meanwhile, those happy few of us will continue to benefit from the work done by this incredible man and his steadfast campaigning on our behalf before a tragic head wound took his life a few months ago.
Rest in peace, Doctor.
-Andrea, aka Merribelle.

"34 lbs. in 3 Months!!!!!"

Rating: 5 stars
Finally!!! A diet where you don't have to eat like a bird! Great book. I lost well over 30 lbs and have kept it off for almost a year!! Thank you Dr. Atkins!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Great Diet"

Rating: 5 stars
Dr. Atkins, My parents have read your book and have been on the diet for about 5 month They have really lost the weight they wanted. I live in Hawaii and they live in Maryland and I haven't seen my dad or mom in almost two years. When I saw him last he had put on allot of weight and When he came out to Hawaii I couldn't belive that he had lost all that weight. My mom wasn't a heavey person but she quiet smoking and put on some weight and she has gone on your diet and lost the weight she wanted. My husband and I are going on this diet soon. I am only 15 pounds over weight that I feel. My husband wants to loose about 25 pounds. I think this is a great way to loose weight. Thank your for your time. Diana Steinbach