cover of Dr. Atkins' Three-Book Package: New Diet Revolution; New Diet Cookbook; New Carb Gram Counter

Dr. Atkins' Three-Book Package: New Diet Revolution; New Diet Cookbook; New Carb Gram Counter

Author: Robert C. Atkins
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Reader Reviews

"Better than the 40-30-30 program"

Rating: 5 stars
I tried the 40-30-30 becuase on paper it made sense. I felt good, had high energy and lost weight, but it wasn't fat, a lot was water and some muscle.

Then I went on Atkins. My energy level was just as high. I lost weight faster but most significantly to me was that I lost inches and fat, not just weight.

I dropped 2 pant sizes in my first week and for once wasn't afraid to go out to public pools in my swim trunks. Previoously, I used to procrastinate by saying that I didn't look fat in a suit, but I was in denial.

My face looks tight. No more double chin. My overall muscle tone has improved significantly. I love this diet. It's the best. Far better than the 40-30-30 which may be okay for those natural high metabolism types who gain a few pounds and lose easily or are already thin. Didn't work for me or anybodyelse that I know.

Atkins is the best.

"Don't believe me; believe my results!"

Rating: 5 stars
I just went through the earlier reviews (there were 30 at the time of this writing) to see if I'd done one yet. I bought this set about 11 months ago, right here on

Instead, what I found were a few real uninformed skeptics...check them out yourself...they are hilarious, particularly my favorite: Don't do this diet. I will make you sick.

Funny, but since starting my own Atkins Lifestyle on January 27, 2003 at 260 pounds, I haven't had a sniffle. Today, November 26, 2003, I weighed-in at 162, 98 pounds down and 2 pounds from my goal. At 6 foot even, 160 is exactly dead-center of the normal range of the BMI (Body Mass Index).

I've gone from a 52" waistline (wearing 44" slacks below the belly) to a 36" waistline (wearing 36" slacks around my waist). My inseam is now 32" instead of 30" due to me wearing the slacks where they were made to be worn and now the crotches of the slacks don't extend inches down my thighs. Boy, I must have looked like a slob. (Must have? I know I did. I used to hate glancing at my profile reflected from store windows when I walked down the street. I looked like a pregnant man!)

While I might have waited to write this after losing the next, final, TWO POUNDS, I could not wait. Tomorrow, you see, is Thanksgiving.

This year, I give thanks for these books and their author, Dr. Robert C. Atkins. May God rest his soul in peace, for the peace that his undaunted efforts have given and will give millions of formerly overweight people, now living a healthy lifestyle in healthy bodies.

"Diet Works But Hard to Stick To"

Rating: 4 stars
The Atkins diet definitely works. You can lose 10 pounds in a couple of weeks, although your weight loss will slow down after a while. You lose your appetite and have lots of energy. The problem is that if you've eaten carbs for decades, let's say 30 years, it's really hard to not cheat on the diet and not eat carbs. Believe me, you just get carb and sugar cravings. And once you start cheating on the diet and eating carbs, the pounds come rushing back. I'm thinking of trying the South Beach or Zone diets, so I can include even more carbs.

If you don't really care about carbs or don't have a sweet tooth, this diet would be perfect for you. If you stick to it, the weight will come off pretty fast and you'll never feel hungry and you'll have tons of energy. It's all true.