cover of Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor's Program for Conquering Disease

Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor's Program for Conquering Disease

Author: Joel Fuhrman
Avg. user rating: 4.5
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Precise diet and fasting programs to relieve headache, hypoglycemia, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, colitis, psoriasis, lupus, and uterine fibroids.Using fasting to lose weightHow to start, what to expect, how to reintroduce food to maintain maximum benefitsHow to work with a physician for longer fasts (more than 3 days)

Reader Reviews

"Take Charge"

Rating: 5 stars
I greatly appreciate Dr. Fuhrman's book and his willingness to step beyond the drugs and surgeries to show people that there is a better way to cure our modern diseases of affluence - let nature and the natural ability of our bodies help. This book contained a great deal of specific information on all the top killers and how they can not only be prevented but also reversed by stopping what we're did that caused them. It's a modern take on what we knew hundreds of years ago. Amazing. Thank you, Dr. Fuhrman.

"Informative book on fasting and healing nutrition"

Rating: 5 stars
This book contains some amazing stories of people who have recovered relatively rapidly from all sorts of serious health problems through fasting. The fasts recommended in this book last 10 days or more, on water only, and under medical supervision. The longer fasts, during which you drink only water, have the most remarkable effects on the body. The medical supervision is recommended particularly if a person is suffering from a serious illness and taking different medications. If you are in reasonably good health and are fasting to cleanse your body, and improve or maintain good health, then you may go on shorter fasts or even on modified fasts, if fasting only on water seems to challenging in the beginning. It is easier if you give your body time to adjust, by first eliminating heavy food, then fasting only on liquids, and then practicing fasting on water only perhaps a couple of days at a time, while monitoring how you are feeling. You may be surprised to discover that as your body adjusts to fasting, the less you eat, the less hungry you feel and that as you develop a habit of fasting, you actually enjoy the process. Cleansing your body, cutting down on food and regular fasting, to the best of your ability, is bound to contribute to better health of your body and of your mind and to a greater level of energy. I generally fast for 5 - 10 days each month, not as often on pure water as on modified fasts (sometimes I drink chamomile tea throughout the fast). Most people who fast (myself included) do not fast under any kind of medical supervision - but again, for people who are taking any kind of medication, medical supervision may be advisable.

This book also provides tips on nutrition and has some helpful food suggestions for people who are suffering from different ailments - e.g. what to eat (and what not to eat), to relatively easily stop migraines even if you've suffered from them for years and nothing else helped before.

"Fasting and Eating Healthy is the way to go. Believe it!"

Rating: 5 stars
It works. Just finished a 14 day fast and went raw. I could not believe how much toxins exited my body. It was rough for me almost 12 of the 14 days of fast, but worth the cleaning it did. Lost 19 lbs as well. Feeling better than ever. My diet has also changed because of this book. Will be going on another fast shortly of 21 days. Feel I still need some more work. This book has been a great guide and motivation. At 60 years of age and going onto 61 next month, I feel I might just have a few more years to live even though I have had two heart attacks, a hip replaced and numerous other things that were wrong that have improved. My hats off to DR Fuhrman and this book as well as his other books. By the way, my cholesterol is down to 113 and my bad LDL at 58. Hmmm, might just not have another HT..........yahoooooooooooo!

"Best Book on Pure Fasting"

Rating: 5 stars
I am a clinical psychologist and the author of a book on dieting.
This is not Fuhram's diet book- "Eat to Live" Some reviews posted here are confusing the two. This is his earlier book about NOT eating anything at all for prolonged periods- how to do it and what happens to your body as a result.

This is a terrific book,overflowing with medical information and how to do it advice. It contains far more specific information on pure fasting (water only) than than any other book I have seen. My only criticism is the binding is weak and my copies keep falling apart from constant use.
I just finished a 7 day unsupervised fast. For anything longer Fuhrman advises you to partner up with your personal physican.

Recent evidence (may 2007) suggests that alternative days of eating and
not eating lowers total caloric consumption and body weight in animals
The resulting caloric restriction extends their life span.