cover of How to Keep Slim, Healthy and Young With Juice Fasting

How to Keep Slim, Healthy and Young With Juice Fasting

Author: Paavo Airola
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Reader Reviews

"love it!!!"

Rating: 5 stars
I love this book I am 21 and i was slightly over weight, I had migranes, and i was starting to get acne (i know at 21 how sad) this has now ended beecause of my fasts. I am not saying that this will happen to you but a juice fast will make you stronger and have more energy. If you need to detox or anything this book gives you step by step instructions about how to do the fast and break it. The only thing that this book does not have is actual juice Recipes i would get the juice man's book for that.

"The Best Juice Fasting Resource Available!"

Rating: 5 stars
I know from personal experience, after following word for word Dr. Airola's Juice Fasting advice, what kind of perfect health can be attained. I even had a rigorous medical screening afterwards(to qualify for a certain job) that proved I was in optimal health. Where before I was 100 pounds overweight had thyroid disease and no energy, what-so-ever. My thyroid disease was gone, my energy and vitality through the roof and my doctor told me I had the best Triglycerides he'd ever seen.

Don't jump into Juice Fasting until you read this book. I own many Juice Fasting books, and this one is by far, the best. :)

"This book can save your life."

Rating: 5 stars
I first read this book in 1979. At that time, in my late 20's, I was more than 50 lbs. overweight, had periodic severe asthma, increasing frequency of severe colds and flu, and was suffering from depression. My first juice fast was 30 days. It is not possible to describe in writing the positive changes that took place in every aspect of my life, physically, mentally and spiritually. I have done extended fasts (1 - 4 wks), many times since then. Dr. Airola's advice is not "dated," as some readers suggest. It is "classic" and "timeless," because fasting is literally the oldest known health practice in recorded history. Jesus Christ both practiced and recommended fasting to his followers as the ultimate spiritual and physical cure. (Recall, that prior to beginning his ministry, he went into the wilderness for 40 days to fast and pray.) Oddly, most animals have much better instincts than "modern" man - when they are sick or injured, they refuse to eat in order to conserve internal energy in order to allow healing.

One other thing is very obvious from reading the few negative reviews of this book - in every case, these are people who did not have either the desire or the will to put it to the test. It is much easier to criticize something you know nothing about. Common sense should tell us that drugs and surgery are not the answer to problems created by a modern lifestyle which has brought upon us many "civilized" diseases - cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, mental disorders, schizophrenia - to name just a few. There are few books that literally have the power to save a person's life, but, this is truly one of them.

"Feeling Real Good"

Rating: 5 stars
Thanks to Dr.Airola's book I feel real good. I am a mother of 5 in my forty's and I just got heavier and heavier every year,and growing out of size 18. This year at work we had a wellness challenge. I entered with my team and decided I would follow the guidelines in this book. I have been on the fast for almost three weeks now and have dropped 20 lbs and two dress sizes. I walk everyday on my breaks and lunch in the gym at work. I don't even care if I win the challenge because I feel great! I cut my hair and colored the gray and am getting compliments everyday. I plan to do a four week fast, but please, newcomers, be careful, I have fasted before, but never this long.Remember to break your fast very carefully or you'll ruin the whole thing!