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Author: Charlie Trotter, Roxanne Klein, Tim Turner, Jason Smith
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If you think "raw food" means carrots and alfalfa sprouts, Raw will astound you with its elegance and inventiveness. It's a combination no-cook book featuring gourmet recipes using raw and dehydrated vegetables, and a gorgeous, eye-popping, food photography book. The large, glossy book is beautifully designed, with well-arranged recipes, presentation notes, elegant language, and full-page, bigger-than-life photographs of exquisitely arranged food. Each recipe is introduced by an enticing description, e.g., "…the juxtapositions of the crunchy peppercorn pieces and the creamy cheese [made from cashews], the crispy smoked almonds, and the chewy dried apricots, the erotic gooeyness of the honeycomb mounds and the elegant crispiness of the thyme spouts…." This is for special meals, not everyday--the recipes are not quick to prepare, and many include references to other recipes. Authors Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein are master chefs at two internationally acclaimed gourmet vegetarian raw-food restaurants--Charlie Trotter's in Chicago and Roxanne's in California. Photographer Tim Turner turns food photography into contemporary art. Wine notes by Jason Smith give the final touch of elegance. Highly recommended for the adventurous, gourmet cook willing to go the next step in vegetarian fine dining and anyone-- cook or not--who appreciates food photography. --Joan Price

Reader Reviews

"Love this Hoity Toity Raw Coffee Table Book"

Rating: 5 stars
Raw food diet has saved my life. For those of us who really must "stay raw" in order to have happy and healthy bodies "or else," a book like this is a great inspiration. No, I can't find a lot of the ingredients. I never even *heard* of white or red baby carrots before, or yuzu citron juice, or white truffle oil, dragon chile, tamarind juice, and many other ingredients. If I did know what they were or knew where to find them, chances are I could not afford them. But that's okay. This book expands my horizons. I can try to understand the visual and flavors of such ingredients, and if I can't get the actual ingredients, I can substitute with something else. That's one of the great things about raw food preparation -- substitutions are pretty easy and fun to do!

I had to learn how not to take a raw food gourmet book "too seriously" when I first got Juliano's wonderful "Raw: The Uncookbook." One recipe might list 30 ingredients, five of which were too expensive and more that I could not find at all -- but then learned, with inspiration from other "raw foodies," that such recipes can be used as "raw inspiration." By following the basic concepts of a gourmet raw recipe, I can substitute and alter to fit my own tastes and pocketbook and come up with some "way cool" gourmet treats! My main problem is that sometimes they come out so super good that I want to fix them again -- but didn't write down what I did, haha!

For those who enjoy the creative art of raw food cuisine, this book has many wonderful ideas in flavors, textures, colors and more.

I really appreciated Roxanne's introduction too. It's great.

This is one of the raw recipe books that proves you *don't* have to be a puritan or a monk to enjoy raw food cuisine. And I know from experience that you don't have to eat only raw foods to appreciate these recipes too.

I call this my "hoity toity" raw recipe book. It's big, beautiful heavy and replete with lots of hoity toity gourmand photographs. I don't know how many recipes I will ever actually make out of this book, but I consider it a work of art and know I will always enjoy thumbing through it for raw food preparation inspiration at the very least. Oh, and it's so beautiful and big and it would make a great coffee table book too. That's where I'm keeping mine.

I hope that this book will also inspire more and more professional chefs to offer delights like these on their menus!

(P.S. I had serious health problems and 75 lbs. more excess weight before switching to raw diet. Raw rocks!)

"The best food if you have time & patience"

Rating: 5 stars
This book looks beautiful. It is definitely not for someone trying to cook in a hurry. It is complicated book with many steps requiring days of preparation. But I decided to try...I made a goal to make one dish per week. I had to start shopping for ingredients Wednesday-buying stuff in Asian market, Wild Oats, and regular supermarket to collect all ingredients. It would be easier if I would live next to gourmet shop. Another reason for early preparation was because many dishes require soak nuts for 12 hours. Thursday I choped ingredients, Friday I made sauces,and result? I definitely hate when people compare dishes to "heaven", "die for", but I had some of those heavenly feelings eating this food. I love how creative this food is, how wonderful sauces taste, it is very very hard to believe it is all raw!
But now I need 1,200 dollars worth of equipment...I want to continue living and eating like this. It is wonderful how you are full of energy-no heaviness after eating this food!
I could not find Smoked salt or Celtic salt, but dishes turned out to be wonderful anyway. I thought when using maple syrup about my trip to Vermont-I sort of remember seeing how they evaporated it by boiling, so I don't think it is raw ingredient. But I don't want to be critical, because this book deserves praise. Congratulations to Klein and Trotter- they are top notch-before this book I had no idea who they are, but now I am waiting for Raw 2:-)