cover of The Omega Rx Zone : The Miracle of the New High-Dose Fish Oil

The Omega Rx Zone : The Miracle of the New High-Dose Fish Oil

Author: Barry Sears
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"A leader in nutritional medicine"

Rating: 5 stars
It saddens me that such a great book gets criticised because the author sells the product promoted in the book. What else is he supposed to do if he researches a specialist field, recognises the tremendous value of a product, develops it and tells people about it in his book? After reading this book in order to review it for Positive Health Magazine (UK), I would rank it in the top ten most educational books on nutritional therapy and medicine. Barry Sears may be making a good income from his metabolic discoveries, but I believe that is because they are important breakthrough discoveries, not because of marketing hype. Having said that, he is a scientist, not a holistic nutritionist, so some people may need to use this book's information as part of a broader program in order to get the best health results.
Linda Lazarides
Author: The Waterfall Diet; Treat Yourself with Nutritional Therapy

"medical & health benefits of pharmaceutical fish oil"

Rating: 4 stars
A year ago tomorrow, I walked into a bookstore in desperation and bought all the books on nutrition I could find that made sense to me. Within days, I exchanged most of them for the Zone books. Within 2 weeks of practicising the Zone haphazardly, I got spectacular results on my blood cholesterol test, the first encouraging results in five years. I have continued in the "Zone lifestyle" faithfully while reading perhaps 70 nutrition and exercise books in the meantime.

The OmegaRxZone represents the most recent in the series of Zone books, containing the most up-to-date information on Dr. Sears' dietary technology. It might be called, the "Zone with emphasis on pharmaceutical grade fish oil and recovery from illness."

Pharmaceutical grade fish oil can be taken in bigger quantities than health store grade fish oil. There is now an EPA/AA test (see for $260 that can show whether bigger quantities of fish oil can help your health condition.

Dr. Sears has taken criticism from those who say they are completely healthy already. They argue that his assertions about the role of EPA and DHA in preserving health are unproven. Meanwhile, many desperately sick people have regained their health and think otherwise. The August 2003 newsletter on contains one such testimonial from a fitness instructor.

Dr. Sears apparently sees his role as a standard setter. In the year since the publication of the OmegaRxZone, other pharmaceutical grade fish oils besides his own have come out at lower prices. If he were truly mercenary, he would have maintained his affiliation with the ZonePerfect company. He parted ways with them several years ago because he wanted to upgrade the quality of Zone bars. The ZonePerfect company has recently been bought out by a sports bar company (read candy bar) for huge dollars. That would have been the way for him to cash in if he really were in it for the bucks. His long-range view, gathered from the Q&A archives on his website, is that acceptance of his dietary technology will take 25 years.

Do you need this book versus any of the others? That's difficult to answer, because Dr. Sears seems to take a slightly different tack to explaining his system. If you are a convalescing heart attack victim, you might want to approach cooking with laboratory precision, but if you have immortal youth, you might be satisfied with more improvisation.

The short answer. For the quickest summary of the benefits of the Zone and various methods of putting it into practice, A Week in the Zone may be the best single book to start with (paperback, has some typos). If you collect all the Zone books, you will want this one, too.

The long answer:
Enter the Zone - the classic, also the best written
Mastering the Zone - learn to read Nutrition Facts labels - good for athletes
Age-Free (originally Anti-Aging) Zone - very detailed on life extension
Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes - cookbook w summaries of Zone used in
workshops for diabetics.
Zone Food Blocks - dietician/cooking reference
The Top 100 Zone Foods - favorite of some
The Soy Zone - for vegetarians and vegans
A Week In The Zone - reader's digest summaries
OmegaRxZone - medical & health benefits of pharmaceutical fish oil
The 28-day Makeover - (due at year's end) - sounds commercial

The Zone has often been misrepresented in the press. The "experts" who pick at the Zone admit that it's probably good for you. Have you noticed how many books now copy Barry Sears' format of presenting macronutrient ratios?

Nobody can disprove this statement: The Zone is the most moderate and balanced way of eating out there - it is a lifetime eating plan, not a remedial diet. It can adapt to all kinds of requirements; it does not completely forbid any food.

Is the Zone difficult to put into practice? Yes, it can be exasperating, since much of the food supply contains hi-glycemic carbs and harmful fats. Just how much of those "difficult" foods do you want to consume? If the Zone does nothing more than get you to understand the "Nutrition Facts" labels on food containers, Barry Sears has done you a great service.