cover of The Power of Prayer and Fasting: 21 Days That Can Change Your Life

The Power of Prayer and Fasting: 21 Days That Can Change Your Life

Author: Marilyn Hickey
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Television host, widely-traveled speaker, and gifted communicator Marilyn Hickey reveals the surprising power and rich benefits of fasting in her 21-day program. The discipline of fasting is little discussed today, but Christians worldwide advocate itboth for its spiritual and physical benefits. Now, Marilyn Hickey personalizes fasting for readers by looking in-depth at its purpose, as well as medical issues and side effects of concern. With a personalized, interactive journal, readers will enjoy positive confessions of faith, Scripture, short teachings, and space for personal notes and reflections. Understanding the importance of total healthspirit, soul, and bodyMarilyn discusses such topics as overeating, overcoming anxiety, depression, and fear. Suggested recipes for fasting meals are also included. Marilyns 21-day program connects the discipline of fasting to achieving stability and building character in everyday lifethings were all advocates for.

Reader Reviews

"Understanding fasting"

Rating: 5 stars
This book has inspired me to looking into the various fasting methods and apply them to my own life. Fasting for your needs and those of others works, because these are principles from God's Word.