cover of The South Beach Diet Parties and Holidays Cookbook: Healthy Recipes for Entertaining Family and Friends

The South Beach Diet Parties and Holidays Cookbook: Healthy Recipes for Entertaining Family and Friends

Author: Arthur Agatston
Avg. user rating: 5.0
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The famed Miami Beach cardiologist who has helped millions of people worldwide to lose weight and eat healthier with his best-selling South Beach Diet books now addresses the special challenge that can undermine anyones willpowerthe irresistible lure of diet-busting dishes at festive occasions. As the more than 20 menus and 150 easy, all-new recipes in this cookbook prove, theres no need to give up favorite holiday and party dishes to stay on the South Beach Diet. Dr. Agatston explains that healthy entertaining is not a matter of deprivation, but of simply making as many good choices as possible. His new book provides those choices, putting a healthy twist on favorite entertaining meals for every occasion, whether its a family Christimas Eve dinner, a Thanksgiving feast, a Passover seder, a football fest in front of the TV, or a backyard barbeque with the neighbors.

Reader Reviews

"South Beach Diet over Christmas"

Rating: 5 stars
If you've found it hard to keep to a diet plan during Christmas or Thanksgiving, this book will solve your problems. Easy and delicious recipes based on the South Beach diet.

"If you want to shape up, look no further"

Rating: 5 stars
I have been searching for a book to help me get into shape for some time and I finally found it. Look Great Naked has answered all my questions about toning up and losing fat. The approach is straightforward: you can't attain a great body without a proper diet and exercise. And it explains a specific exercise and diet regimen for achieving a great body. There are many unique exercises in the book--some that I've never seen before. Using them in the combinations described has helped me make better progress than with any other routine I've ever used before. I'm not as strict with the diet as I should be but I've incorporated several of the nutrition suggestions into my diet and have noticed a definite improvement in losing fat.

"Great Food and Still Losing Weight!"

Rating: 5 stars
This cook book is wonderful! Recipes are easy and taste really good. Friends have said "I thought you were on a diet" after eating a holiday or special occasion meal with us. I tell them I am still ona diet and have this wonderful cookbook with meal ideas and recipes that makes a person think otherwise!

"Excellent fitness book for women"

Rating: 5 stars
Over the years I have tried virtually everything to shape up including books, tapes, supplements and thigh creams. But this book is the best for losing inches and toning up. For the first time, I can really feel my muscles working. It doesn't take long to do the exercises and the nutrition is easy to follow. The author is also very motivational. He shows how to set realistic goals no matter how out of shape or overweight you are. I felt that he was talking directly to me and was encouraged to keep going on when I really didn't feel like it. I've learned to put things in perspective and am very happy with the weight that I've lost and the shape my body is taking. Over all, an excellent book for any woman regardless of her present shape. I bought one for my mom and she has gotten very good results too.

"Great Ideas for Holidays and Gatherings!"

Rating: 5 stars
The South Beach Diet may have revolutionized how we eat, but when it comes to entertaining, most of us fall back into old food habits. Now there's a no-brainer way to entertain, with recipes and menus that can satisfy the most skeptical guests. Really a winner, and easy to use.