Popular Diet Tea Products Compared

DietKnowledge.com compares and reviews three popular diet teas.

Diet tea products have been all over the news, and featured on TV shows like Oprah and CNN. At the request of our readers, we've researched the field and narrowed it down 3 top contenders. Each of these products can be purchased on line from various sites, but we've tracked down vendors with free, or low cost trials for each of them, so you can try any or all of them at no risk.

Ultra Green Tea
packets of Ultra Green Tea

Ultra Green Tea is a blend of green tea with added minerals and supplements. Another difference between Ultra Green and regular green tea is that you can drink it hot or cold - simply mix the powder with water and enjoy. Our staff prefer it cold, "Refreshing!" was the verdict.

Numerous studies by medical institutions such as the Mayo Clinic have proven the health benefits of green tea including the following:

  • Helps prevent cancers and tumors
  • Helps lower cholesterol
  • Contains antibacterial agents that help prevent illness
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve arthritis
  • Promotes weight loss by increasing the body's metabolism

Yes, we checked and it's true: research conducted at the University of Geneva in Switzerland proves that green tea helps the body to burn more calories. Sounds like good news to us! More details here (link).

Trial details: 14 day supply for free - you pay only for shipping. (Update: Now available in both the US and Canada)

Green Tea Supreme
bottle of Green Tea Supreme suppliment

So, what's special about Green Tea Supreme? The big difference is that you take it as a capsule rather than drinking it as tea. You also get quite a lot of green tea in each capsule: 500mg, which is roughly the same as drinking a gallon of regular green tea.

Like Ultra Green Tea, this nutraceutical contains additional herbal supplements along with the green tea extract. According to the manufacturer, these additional nutrients enhance weight-loss and help cleanse toxins from the system.

So basically, with Green Tea Supreme what you get is green tea, with all it's health and weight-loss benefits, in a highly concentrated form, with added herbal nutrients. Plus, since it comes in a capsule, those who don't like the "mossy" taste of green tea will prefer this product.

Trial details: 1 bottle for $1 plus shipping. (only available in the US)

Wu Yi Tea

Wu Yi Tea is a unique variety of oolong (or wu long) tea that gows only in the Wuyi Mountains of north-western China. Wu Yi is high in polyphenols and has a unique flavor.

Wu Long tea helps induce "thermogenesis", a slight heating-up of the body, resulting in greater fat oxidation. Studies have shown that Wu Long tea helps control obesity, and drinking 2-3 cups a day is said to bring noticeable results in a month or less. There is more detailed information at this link.

Trial details: 2 weeks' worth based on 2 cups per day, free - pay only for shipping. (available in both the US and Canada)

We hope you've found these reviews helpful. We'll be making updates based on reader feedback and our own research. Thank you for using DietKnowledge.com.